Dawg Hause indoor flyer 
Eagle 60" wing span Red,White, & Blue

Star Chaser
The bird kits can be painted and also with mnor build up of foam can take on the look of a variety of birds....
Pájarito Specifications:
Wingspan 30”
Length 17”
Flying Wt 4oz
unassembled kit white
Items needed to complete:
Radio Minimum 3 Channel with Elevon Mixing
Motor C10 2900KV or equivalent
ESC 7A Brushless ESC
Servos 5gram or less Servos(2)
Battery 250-350 mah 7.4 V or equivalent.
"PAJARITO"  (Small Bird)

Wing Span      18"
length              20 3/4"
Height             13"
Standard color white
unassembled kit
"EAGLE" with 60" wing Span

Wing Span              60"
Length                    33"
Flying weight           20oz
Standard color white unassembled kit
Design by  Mike Fuller
Spec: Star Chaser

Height                       40"
Width at tail fins         24"
Made of Depron comes in all white or black with white fins.
unassembled kit
Adding to the beak and using hot glue and a little creativity the eagle transforms into the parrot
Eagle modification